Project of the Week!

Hey! This is new, so I’d like to explain the rules and about this.


  1. No bad language allowed.
  2. Try to use different materials, but not hazardous materials.
  3. Respect everyone.
  4. If you lose, do not be enemies. Instead, say congrats!
  5. I will say the winner every Saturday.
  6. Project of the Week starts every Monday.
  7. You have all week to work on your project.
  8. Ask your parent permission for the project.
  9. Take pics(1-2)of your project and email them to me. My email is in the contact me page.

Have fun! Write in the comment bar below if you have questions or other rules I may have missed out.


  1. Sketch a rough copy of your project. Plan it.
  2. Get materials of your project.
  3. make your project.
  4. Take pics of your project then email me them.

Please comment! this project is make a model of a beach.

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